Thursday, October 16, 2014

Silences and Transitions

There are times when we work hard and creativity flows fast. Then, there are times when it seems as if our creativity has been dammed up or dried up. Those times I call "silences". Then, there are moments of transition when priorities get re-arranged. Some priorities get dropped, some get picked up, and some simply get moved to a back burner.

For the past few years, quilting moved from highly active and flowing in creativity to silent. From silent it moved into "back-burner" position where it has remained ever since. My creativity went through a "dead" zone for a while as well. In order to reawaken that wonderfully absent creative streak, I began knitting with zeal. Quilting and sewing in general are sorely missed, but right now is just not a good time for sewing.

I have not given up on quilting. I yearn for the day when I can have a real sewing room with the ability to cut and iron fabric in the same area that I sew in. Right now, I have to use the floor as my cutting area, but make sure it's clean first; do my ironing in one room and my sewing in another. Also, my sewing machine is acting as another piece of furniture. At the moment, it is covered with college books. Yes, I said COLLEGE.... College is probably the main reason I am not concerned with sewing right now. Knitting I can take with me and work on in the car or sitting on a swing, or anywhere else. I can't really take a big quilt with me and sit and hand quilt... it just doesn't work that well.

College is only one of the recent transitions that has drained creative energy. I have also been through a divorce, counseling, healing, dating, and marriage and more counseling. My energies have also been absorbed in helping my children adapt to our new lives and become healthy and happy. The positive changes are just amazing! My children are new people, they behave better, they are more respectful, and they are enjoying public school much more than they ever enjoyed being home schooled. I am so proud of how far they have come and in such a short time!!!

We do have one more really big transition coming up, A move all the way across the United States. We will have culture shock, environment shock, and weather shock... besides leaving friends and family behind. I am doing my best to make it a big adventure while allowing the children to grieve the loss of everything they know.

I am sure God has more transitions and changes in store for us, but we are learning to accept those changes and embrace them.

For my readers who are interested in following our journey through this next big transition, please tune into my other blog:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Joy's Bean Bag (corn bag?)

Joy sat down at the sewing machine today and sewed this little bean bag with no help at all from me. I did help her fill it with dried corn, just held the bag while she poured the corn in... then I started whip stitching it closed, but she did almost all of that while I held it still for her. I went back over her stitches with a row of running stitches just to be on the safe side (I do that to my own bean bags). I am very proud of her!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quilting on the Bear Paw quilt

Here are a few pictures of the quilting on my Bear Paw quilt:

2 inch sashing between paws

"Palm" of paw print 

back of block 

sashing between blocks... 2 of these between each block

cloth stencil I made for palm quilting

 saftey pinned in place and ready to quilt inside lines

 quilting inside stencil

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

more pics of growing bear paw quilt:

finally finished!  now to baste and .... oooops!  have a backwards bear there!  I'm gonna leave it as it does add character to the quilt!  I'll post pics of the quilting soon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Donation Quilts

"Spinning Feathers"  this baby quilt is going to Powerhouse for Kids! 

Sewing projects for others

This is a cape I threw together for one of my friends... turned out better than I thought it would, considering the fact I had to make it in under an hour and with no sewing machine!  (I really really love my friend Tammy and her son Blaze!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bear Paw Quilt for my bed

Here is the first completed block of my bear paw quilt... I will add pictures as I complete the steps! you can watch it grow!! lol....

Row one complete: 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dining Room sewing project

Here are the before and after pics of my dining room:




Here are a few of my first quilts:

Square Within A Square:  2009
 Around The Squares: 2010

 Double Windmill: 2009

Double 4 Patch: 2010

Trip Around The World: 2011

Irish Chain: January 2012